The company

The Morini Rent Group is a company founded on professionalism and practicality, commitment and enthusiasm.

Founded in Turin in 1949, the company specialises in the short and medium-term rental of cars, vans, refrigerated vans and minibuses, as well as vehicles for transporting the disabled. Today Morini Rent is a business that can be found throughout Italy, a company that has created excellent history, and great growth through its complete dedication to its customers and their needs. Morini Rent operators are out-and-out consultants who search for the vehicle and the best rate based on the real needs of their customers, and more. The transparency of Morini Rent rates is exemplary, allowing customers to have a single price from signing the contract to returning the vehicle, without any additional or hidden costs, both for short and Pluriflexi rentals, which are particularly flexible and convenient for growing business.

Thanks to a fresh and innovative Italian entrepreneurial culture, solid management, and excellent organisation and thanks to innovative technologies included in the company processes, Morini Rent has worked hard towards one goal: to be the only car and commercial vehicle rental with no surprises in the price and with all accessories included.

Morini Rent is the ideal partner for private individuals, large companies and freelancers who need safe and comfortable motor vehicles, vehicles suitable for every driving style and transport capacity, thanks to a nationwide network of branches ready to provide support for all rental needs.

Each Morini Point is a reference point for anyone who needs to hire a car, a fully equipped commercial vehicle or a refrigerated van, or a vehicle for transporting the disabled or a minivan, guaranteeing a fast, convenient service and the certainty of turning to rental professionals.

Morini Rent vision

In a society in which social and economic development raises the question of how to effectively move people and goods with increasing force, the Morini Rent Group proposes to support the social fabric, businesses and local communities to plan a future in which new and efficient car and commercial vehicle rental services will play a key role by offering increasingly efficient service levels.

Morini Rent mission

The company believes in people and in passion for work, it also believes in progress without forgetting its origins. This is why it is committed to providing flexible and innovative mobility solutions, based on a corporate culture focused on customer satisfaction.

Our values