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Pluriflexi – Multi-Month Van Rental

Pluriflexi is the Morini Rent Multi-Month Van Rental.

The new monthly rental solution that combines the economic advantages and comforts of the standard “all inclusive” of long-term van rental with the flexibility and simplicity of short-term rental.

An all-inclusive multi-month formula (minimum 3 months rental), with a cost significantly lower than the standard monthly rate.

The flexible van rental, with a single monthly fee, which can be suspended at any time, without notice, without paying penalties and especially without the obligation to keep the rented van until the contract expires.

Advantages of Morini Rent Multi-Month Van Rental

  • Convenience: an all-inclusive monthly fee with long-term rental rates.
  • Immediate pick-up: immediate availability of latest generation full optional vans.
  • Vehicle exchange: possibility to replace the rented van, changing it with another vehicle of a different section.
  • Suspension: possibility to interrupt the contract, even temporarily, at any time without any penalty.
  • Easy activation: possibility of opening a contract without the usual bureaucratic procedures (bank guarantees) typical of long-term van rentals, simply with a credit card and a security deposit (bank cheque).
  • 24-hour customer assistance: continuous assistance for any request for a replacement vehicle, claims management, rescue and maintenance.
  • Preferential Channel: a team of professionals dedicated to solving any problems throughout the rental period.

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