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Varese which is situated on the banks of the lake is surrounded by woods and nature parks and is known as the “garden city” due to its many public gardens, green spaces and elegant villas. The most famous of its elegant buildings is perhaps “Palazzo Estense” once the home of Duke Francesco III, but now contains the Comune offices. Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza of Biumo, patrimony of FAI is a prestigious exhibition centre of contemporary art. The funicular railway “Vellone-Sacro Monte” connects the Valle del Vellone to Sacro Monte of Varese with its sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna. “Isolino Virginia”, declared world heritage by UNESCO is rich in history and interest.

Morini Point Varese is about two kilometers from the city centre and it is situated in the “Dogana di Varese” (Valle Olona) complex. The pedestrian entrance is in Via Dalmazia, while the vehicle entrance is in Via Peschiera. The large selection of vehicles allows you to choose carsvansminivans and commercial vehicle most suitable to your needs.