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L’Aquila became famous after the earthquake in April 2009 had partially destroyed its historic town centre. L’Aquila is the regional capital of Abruzzo. Part of the territory is in the Gran Sasso National Park, seat of an important astronomical observatory and some of the smaller towns are 2000 meters above sea level. The town was founded by the Sabini and the Romans but later destroyed by Manfredi. It was rebuilt in the middle ages and enjoyed a period of splendor until the XV century. Decline of the town coincided with the Spanish domination and two earthquakes of 1461 and 1702.The Basilica of San Bernardino and the fountain with its 99 pipes are symbols of the city.Do you live in L’Aquila and need to hire a car or van? Contact Morini Rent at the Monticchio branch you can find a wide selection of vehicles: city cars, nine seater minibus and lorries at advantages tariffs. Morini Point L’Aquila is easily reached from both Roma and Pescara.