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Frosinone van rental

The Morini Rent branch of Frosinone for van rental is located in Valle Fioretta, in an area which is convenient not only for Frosinone but also for all the neighbouring towns, so it is possible to rent cars even for people from Palmesi and Ceccano towards the south and find a convenient van rental for those who need one but live in areas further north such as Ferentino and Tecchiena. The Freezer fleet of rental vans dedicated to those transporting isothermal loads is not to be forgotten, with accessories such as thermo-recorders and partitions included in the rental price.

When renting cars and vans is worthwhile. Morini Rent

The car and van rental solution in Frosinone with Morini Rent is your convenient and quality choice. Renting cars and vans at Morini Rent is easy, fast and above all convenient. You can choose from cars of all engine sizes, vans with and without box, but also rent refrigerated vans and vehicles for transporting the disabled. All vehicles can be driven with a B licence and you can check out even when the branch is closed thanks to the Key Box service.

The Morini Rent car and van rental service is based in Frosinone.

The fleet of Morini Rent van rental would not be complete without 24/7 assistance dedicated to our customers. Do you have any doubts, concerns or are you involved in an accident on board a Morini Rent van? Just give us a call and we will come to your aid with the best solution. In addition, all Morini Rent vehicles can be driven with a B licence. We also rent vehicles for transporting the disabled, cars and 9-seater minivans equipped with all the comforts.